Next Generation Business Software

With our agile user-centered software platform you are able to create easy-to-adapt business applications.

Unlike conventional products, it cuts back significantly on development and adaptation work. The intuitive approach enables any employee to create or change their applications quickly and, for the most part, on their own. IT provides the necessary infrastructure and assists if required only with advice. This makes for more involvement in the business departments, freeing up resources in IT.

Already existing applications and components of all system types can easily be integrated which leads to a company IT that meets all requirements.

Another unique selling point: Whereas with other solutions you have to decide between standard software and individual development Metasonic combines the advantages of both approaches. On the one hand solutions tailored for each situation fosters high user acceptance. On the other hand it yields key indicators for measuring performance and managing risk.

Furthermore Applications created in this manner can be supplied quickly by IT and are easy to service. Therefore Metasonic supports ideally the transformation to the digital business.

In this sense, with Metasonic you are able to realize your strategy as well as to directly implement your fast tactical decisions. This way you can keep your organization constantly in tune with mission critical changes.


Metasonic® Suite

Metasonic® Suite Retail Box

With our Metasonic® Suite we provide you with a next generation business software. This enables you to create and change applications easier than ever before. Without having to strain IT capacities the business departments describe their workflows themselves from the “I” perspective.

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Metasonic® Touch

Metasonic® Touch

With Metasonic® Touch our business software is tangible. Discuss the ideal workflows together in a team and define them according to your needs with tangible modeling building blocks. This makes creating and constantly changing applications child‘s play.

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  • Today, it is only through the initiative, creativity and even passion of our employees that we can create competitive advantages that have a persuasive influence on our customers‘ decision-making. This motivation is fostered decisively with the help of the subject-oriented BPM method.
    Manfred Heckmeier
    CEO, FI-TS
  • The very speedy implementation of the alert system keeps customers from being blocked without reason, forestalling the criticism and dissatisfaction they bring to us.
    Markus Witschi
    Operations Manager of SME at Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
  • This solution goes beyond the SAP standard in offering us much more flexible solutions tailored specifically to our needs. We have already changed the routing to the CRM three times during live operations. Each time, this only took one to three hours, depending on how extensive the volume was.
    Hugo Faria
    Process Manager at Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
  • The specialized users in the business departments had no problems with the description of their workflows. They were reflected in the easy-to-understand models, which allowed the project to be implemented quickly and efficiently.
    Alexei Popow
    Head of IT Support and Development Department at Bauer Media
  • The S-BPM methodology allowed the solution to be implemented in close cooperation with the customer. Requirements were met on a 1:1 basis in the solution. In this project as well, our consultants once again did an excellent job.
    Martin Reiner
    Managing Director of ConsSys IT AG
  • Our employees perceive communications-oriented process management today as an ancillary tool for their daily work, and they are motivated to make constructive contributions to improve process quality on a continuing basis. It is easy to use and quickly generates significant cost savings as a result of its structured approach. We are very satisfied with the project results.
    Lothar Hübner
    Director Company Organization at FIDUCIA IT AG
  • The subject-oriented business process management (S-BPM) solution from Metasonic and the Metasonic® Suite based on it make a considerable contribution towards the efficient implementation of processes and their workflows. As part of the "Service Inspector" project, we have been able to learn and demonstrate this once again. We are extremely happy with the fast implementation and are now able to offer our customers fast, efficient and proactive information about developing faults.
    Markus Witschi
    Operations Manager for SME at Swisscom
  • Without the innovative and intuitive software solution from Metasonic, the cost of completing this project would have been many times higher.
    Markus Witschi
    Operations Manager of SME at Swisscom (Switzerland) AG
  • Thanks to Metasonic® Suite, our staff are able to work in a more structured, efficient and effective way. With Metasonic® Flow, we can now process significantly more orders per person and we have been able to achieve tangible process improvements.
    Gabriele Konjack
    Department Head, FI-TS
  • From the beginning we accompanied Swisscom with the analysis of the problem, the gathering of ideas and the conception of solutions through to implementation. The flexible and quick adaptability was shown in the fact that in the first six months after the go-live, we published 3 new versions of the app and carried out 8 process changes.
    Martin Reiner
    Managing Director of ConsSys IT AG
  • The most important aspect for me is the simplicity of the BPM tool and the way users can change the processes themselves, in the manner that is most convenient for them in their day-to-day work. I see Metasonic® Suite as a 'lightweight system' that allows process automation from the lowest level upward. That represents the main difference from powerful but cumbersome systems that dictate a specific way to organize processes. Another advantage is the way that Metasonic works in unison with the SAP ERP system. That allows us to automate 'hidden' business processes.
    Muza Monams
    Managing Director of Bauer Media Russia
  • We are quite satisfied with the fast, efficient implementation of the solution and believe that this approach can be quickly adapted for other promotions and campaigns in the future.
    Dr. Thomas Walke
    Head of Strategy & Business Planning in Customer Care SME at Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd.
  • With Metasonic our IT staff have significantly more capacities available to better support the business and to constantly look for innovative systems. Consequently, our time to market capabilities and services are a lot faster while we keep an eye on finance.
    Oriol Puigcerver
    CIO at Òptica del Penedès
  • The result goes far beyond our expectations. This tool, based on Metasonic® Suite, shows us already what potentials exist for further improvement and what other application possibilities can be achieved. Now we are even looking to solve problems beyond our original objectives, problems that we never intended to address through this project when we started.
    Dr.-Ing. Jan Späth
    Head of MT4 Acceptance Test Electronics, Tesat