Bauer Media Russia Metasonic adds efficiency to Bauer Media‘s contract coordination process

The Bauer Media publishing house, the Russian subsidiary of the Bauer Media Group media company, is a mid-sized enterprise with a workforce of approximately 300. It is a market leader among Russian publishing houses. It is also one of the three publishers that reach the greatest number of readers. It publishes more than 70 mass media publications that reach more than 21 million people every month. In order to automate and adapt its contract negotiation workflows, it now uses the business software from Metasonic GmbH. Administrative workflows of this kind call for varied and high-volume communication between employees. Automating the existing system – a powerful but top-heavy solution from SAP – did not fit the bill. According to Bauer Media, it does not deliver the desired flexibility because it is too complicated and laborious to implement, so the media group looked for a user-friendly, efficient tool for automating its own business communications.