Òptica del Penedès, S.L. More Agile Structures and Faster Service

The optical company Òptica del Penedès, parent of Òptica Universitaria and Gafas Completas, decided to adopt a solution based on the next-generation business software from Metasonic because it wanted to manage its business processes more efficiently and more agile as well as allow for a continuous adaptation of its workflow. Together with Enzyme Advising Group, our expert on-site Spanish partner, an optimal, service-focused concept offering significant cost savings was developed and realized.

Initial Situation & Associated Problems

Prior to the adoption of the Metasonic solution, many processes were carried out tediously by hand. In addition, the environments at the Point of Sales (POS), in the enterprise resource planning system, and in the business intelligence system had developed differently with respect to time, architecture, and goals.

As a result of the existing IT architecture, furthermore, the teams were severely limited in their capacity to act. The prevailing IT approaches consumed so many resources that the IT department was able to offer the business departments but little support and merely a small strategic contribution to the growth of enterprise value. A wide variety of employees used many different applications without any integrations or logical connection between them. Consequently, the time-to-market cycles were very long, and the inefficient working methods being used were highly disadvantageous in terms of time and cost.

Goals and Approach

The primary goal at Òptica del Penedès was to achieve agility and effectiveness and, as a result, to significantly improve and to automate the company’s processes from ordering to payment. To this end, a search was conducted for a simple, intuitive solution, which could be easily adapted by each employee on his or her own. This is how the workload of the IT department will be considerably reduced and it can implement effective profit and service-oriented concepts more quickly. If the IT solution provides the business department with optimum support in their daily activities, unnecessarily high expenses can be avoided. Òptica del Penedès therefore decided on the next-generation business software from Metasonic.

The first step was to compare and adapt the IT requirements to those of the individual business departments. With the help of the Metasonic® Suite, the subject-oriented method (S-BPM) on which it is based, and the consulting services of Enzyme, the product validation and ordering departments, specifically orders for eyeglasses, as well as invoice control were automated one by one. Today, all employees access the POS management program to optimally manage their workflows in the respective departments and to adapt them continuously to any necessary changes. The virtual catalogs of the frame makers and lens manufacturers are integrated via the Afresco platform. Using web services, the respective employee at the POS is connected to whichever supplier the customer requests. This makes it possible to quickly and automatically call up measurements, specifications, costs, availability, and delivery time from, for example, the frame maker Prats.

The purchase invoice is also automatically checked and compared with the associated delivery.


Òptica del Penedès is very satisfied with the result. The business solution provides employees with much better support. They are now able to make changes quickly on their own and can so implement new ideas promptly. The IT department is relieved of a considerable burden and functions now as a business catalyst in all areas. Since the end of September 2013, about 20 businesses have been working with the new system, significantly faster and more efficiently than ever before. Thanks to Metasonic, the time it takes to serve a customer has been cut by about 20 minutes. As a result of more effective work methods and the automation or elimination of unproductive work processes, annual cost savings were estimated at about €600,000.

This great success and the positive feedback from employees and customers led to the number of optical shops using the Metasonic business software to be expanded to 200 in the near future.