Swisscom (Switzerland) AG Metasonic optimizes Information Distribution regarding Disturbances

Swisscom (Switzerland) AG does its utmost to ensure that the operation of its services and products is as fault-free as possible. Despite its efforts, maintenance work or unexpected events can cause disruptions. In order to quickly and efficiently notify customers of major as well as minor faults, an application - the Swisscom Service Inspector - was created in collaboration with Metasonic. This application not only increases customer satisfaction (self-care principle), but also reduces customer support costs considerably since the volume of calls is markedly lower.


Until now, to determine the cause of a fault, customers‘ only option in most cases was to call the call center. When major faults that affected many customers occurred, the call center became hugely overloaded. As a result, customers and partners were not provided with up-to-date and complete information about faults. The proactive (automatic) customer message service also still wasn‘t working for products provided by Swisscom‘s Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME) Business Unit. The consequence was unhappy customers and partners, as well as high costs for Swisscom. To close this gap, the Swiss telecommunications company needed a simple solution that could be implemented quickly and adapted just as quickly as required. An application that has been created in collaboration with the consultancy firm ConsSys IT AG and Metasonic is now ready to provide the solution.


The aim was to create a mobile app for the most common smartphones as well as to model the background processes and execute them. Fault messages are therefore processed and localized automatically.

With this Service Inspector App, employees, partners and customers will be able to receive a consolidated summary of their products‘ service status that is as up to date as possible. The various data sources providing fault information (SBInfo, SIT, etc.) will be integrated using business process management and prepared as efficiently as possible.

In their app profile, users have the option of enabling "push" fault messages appropriate to their profile. It is also possible to specify which product groups, locations, cantons, areas and regions they wish to view and receive push notifications for. Even voice and user data, such as telephone numbers for enquiries, can be stored, which is particularly important for negative feedback when checking if a fault has been resolved. If Swisscom reports a fault as "Resolved", the app user has two hours to confirm that this is the case or not by pressing the relevant button. If users report a fault as "Unresolved", Swisscom checks this immediately, if necessary contacting the app user, and re-opening the fault in the event of a problem.

There are three levels in the app‘s display / user guidance:

  • The first level shows the status of the individual product groups.
  • The second level displays all known faults and the selected product group with the date, status, fault type and fault number. The user can see this view on the first level too (across all product groups) by switching to table view.
  • The third level then shows all the other details regarding a selected fault such as descriptions, locations, status changes, etc. In this view, the user also has the option of subscribing to the individual fault. This will provide him with a push notification on his smartphone with every update on this fault.


With the Metasonic® Suite, users can determine at any time where they are in the process (integrated documentation*). The process data is provided not only to the app, but also to the partner extranet and the process warehouse The solution is therefore based on three technological pillars:

  1. A flexible platform for mobile app development
  2. A graphical workflow implementation with live documentation
  3. Process controlling with drill-down function and process mining

Just 8 months after its introduction, the app is being used by around 1,250 customers, 1,000 partners and 1,500 employees - i.e. a total of around 4,000 users. The speed of implementation and adaptation has been quadrupled and the volume of calls associated with disturbances has been reduced by approximately 25 per cent. The application is constantly being developed further and optimized. Recently version 2.0 of the app was launched, which allows employees and partners to directly get in touch with one of the business departments.