A few words about us

Metasonic HQ Pfaffenhofen

With Metasonic® Suite, Allgeier IT Solutions GmbH offers business software of the next generation. Using its intuitive approach, all users easily and quickly create their own solutions and continuously adapt them. As a result, companies involve all their employees, free themselves of restrictions, and operate with maximum agility. Companies can thus react faster than ever before to any market demands and are well-equipped to control the dynamics and complexity in today’s world of business better than anyone else.

The Business Unit Metasonic is headquartered in Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm (in the greater Munich area) and is part of the Allgeier Group since August 2014. Allgeier SE is one of the leading IT companies for Business Performance. Five operating divisions work together for more than 3.000 customers from almost all sectors, and of all sizes. The strong-growing Group with its headquarters in Munich engages more than 5,100 salaried employees and more than 1,200 freelance IT Experts in more than 90 subsidiaries in the German-speaking countries and the rest of Europe, as well as in India, Mexico and the USA.

Our customers

Many medium-sized as well as large companies, both domestic and international, have already embraced the simplicity of Metasonic® Suite and its quick return on investment.
Industries utilizing Metasonic® Suite range from medium-sized publishing houses and automobile manufacturers to large financial-services companies, all of which wish to improve their processes and services and to permanently increase company agility.
Notable customers include AUDI AG, Beck Verlag, FIDUCIA IT AG, FI-TS, Swisscom, Hitachi Systems, NEC und Qunie Corporation.