Metasonic is a Gartner Cool Vendor in BPM*

We are honored to have been included by Gartner, a leading global IT analyst firm, in its Cool Vendors in Business Process Management, 2014 report*. Explore below more about what makes Metasonic cool.

Important statements in the 2014 report

In the Cool Vendors Report 2014 Gartner focuses on BPM solutions that reduce the gap between strategy and execution. These vendors reduce the reliance on IT, thus allowing business process owners to focus on delivering business value through the use of cloud-based services, just-in-time (JIT) worker guidance and simpler modeling techniques. The complexity of servicing customers in response to a rapid pace of change creates a need for tools that support greater solution flexibility.”

Other notable conclusions were that “[…] Unstructured, asynchronous work can be difficult to model using traditional notations such as Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN). One vendor provides a unique capability through the use of an alternative notation — subject-oriented BPM (S-BPM) — to reduce model complexity and offer citizen developers a greater level of agility.”


Why is Metasonic cool?

From the Gartner report we feel confirmed how Metasonic’s unique S-BPM methodology makes it possible for end-users to design and adapt their own solutions. This approach helps saving up to 80% of time and expensive IT resources. It also allows a seamless linking of highly agile individual solutions and standard workflows in the context of, for example, an ERP system.

Herbert Kindermann, Managing Director of Metasonic, emphasized: “We are very proud that Gartner has included us in the Cool Vendors in BPM Report. It shows that our methodology is not only unique and innovative but also much easier to model and to execute compared with other grammars such as BPMN.” “Furthermore”, Kindermann continues, “using our Metasonic® Suite you are able to model and easily integrate processes that are structured as well as unstructured and distributed across the organization.”


Continuous evolution instead of long and risky projects

With our software you can reduce process model complexity while offering citizen developers a greater level of agility at the same time. This capability Gartner described as unique. This shows us, that Metasonic® Suite together with the unique way of embedding KPI’s into single process elements could help many organizations to continuously adapt and evolve their strategies at a rapid pace. This way you don’t take any risks associated with long project run times.


Other reasons why Gartner thinks we are cool included:

  • Ability to adapt and approve work procedures quickly, thus leading to high agility and allowing for very short iterations and continues evolution instead of waterfall projects
  • Modeling approach which reflects the way people gather information, think and communicate - from our perspective the only true human-centric approach
  • Ability to describe and execute processes entirely without programming, thus well-suited for rapid development and “citizen” development
  • Being available in the cloud as well as the ability to share of ready-to-use process models in a process store
  • Unique approach to modeling with interactive multi-touch modeling table


Who should care?

Every business process owner and IT leader who wants to provide complex business applications with high agility at reduced IT costs and increased flexibility should have a look at Metasonic, Gartner says. Metasonic’s great technology can yield competitive differentiation through highly flexible and innovative solutions.