Case Studies

FI-TS GmbH & Co. KG

Finanz Informatik Technologie Service GmbH & Co. KG, or FI-TS for short, was founded in 1994 and today employs around 520 staff at its headquarters in Haar near Munich and three other locations in Germany. As a leading provider of information technology services in the financial sector, FI-TS ensures secure, high-performance access to systems and information. The company offers comprehensive services for the entire IT process chain, from consulting to planning and implementation, to service and support. Its aim is to partner with banks, insurance companies and financial service providers to help them work even more efficiently and successfully.

To maximize on-time delivery with high quality standards for the central coordination and management of orders, FI-TS has decided to implement and run its entire order management process on the basis of software specialist Metasonic’s Business Process Management Suite.

Fiducia IT AG

FIDUCIA IT AG, owned by banks and credit unions (Raiffeisenbank), is the largest IT partner in the cooperative banking sector as well as an IT service provider for private banks and other enterprises. With more than 45 years of IT experience in the banking industry, FIDUCIA is currently one of the largest employers in Karlsruhe, Germany, with 2.300 employees. FIDUCIA decided on Metasonic’s BPM Suite to optimize its business processes, initially concentrating specifically on the “internal requisitions” areas of various divisions at FIDUCIA.

Òptica del Penedès, S.L.

The optical company Òptica del Penedès, parent of Òptica Universitaria and Gafas Completas, decided to adopt a solution based on the next-generation business software from Metasonic because it wanted to manage its business processes more efficiently and more agile as well as allow for a continuous adaptation of its workflow. Together with Enzyme Advising Group, our expert on-site Spanish partner, an optimal, service-focused concept offering significant cost savings was developed and realized.

Swisscom (Switzerland) AG

In a collaboration with the consulting firm ConsSys IT AG, it took only three weeks to develop a solution for Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd. with which the Swiss telecommunications company is now able to process orders for the new iPhone 5 more quickly and to customers‘ greater satisfaction.

Swisscom (Switzerland) AG

Swisscom (Switzerland) AG does its utmost to ensure that the operation of its services and products is as fault-free as possible. Despite its efforts, maintenance work or unexpected events can cause disruptions. In order to quickly and efficiently notify customers of major as well as minor faults, an application - the Swisscom Service Inspector - was created in collaboration with Metasonic. This application not only increases customer satisfaction (self-care principle), but also reduces customer support costs considerably since the volume of calls is markedly lower.

Swisscom (Switzerland) AG

Swisscom (Switzerland) AG uses the telecoms solution SAP RM-CA (Receivables Management – Contract Accounting) as part of its receivables processing system. Customers were supposed to be contacted before their outstanding payments reach a certain level, but system errors were triggering blocks on their accounts. What is more, the workflow had little transparency or structure built into it. Within just a few weeks, the consulting company ConsSys IT AG, relying on the next-generation business solution of Metasonic, built an application that made the receivables processing system much more effective and transparent.

Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co.KG

Tesat-Spacecom GmbH & Co. KG in Backnang, Germany, manufactures equipment for the satellite communications industry worldwide. To guarantee a high level of schedule compliance, they needed to introduce an efficient, customized business process management system that would bring transparency and flexibility to their management and order fulfillment processes.

Bauer Media Russia

The Bauer Media publishing house, the Russian subsidiary of the Bauer Media Group media company, is a mid-sized enterprise with a workforce of approximately 300. It is a market leader among Russian publishing houses. It is also one of the three publishers that reach the greatest number of readers. It publishes more than 70 mass media publications that reach more than 21 million people every month. In order to automate and adapt its contract negotiation workflows, it now uses the business software from Metasonic GmbH. Administrative workflows of this kind call for varied and high-volume communication between employees. Automating the existing system – a powerful but top-heavy solution from SAP – did not fit the bill. According to Bauer Media, it does not deliver the desired flexibility because it is too complicated and laborious to implement, so the media group looked for a user-friendly, efficient tool for automating its own business communications.


"For some time now we have been trying to give our business process management (BPM) at Kazakhtelecom some fresh momentum," says Wladimir Tarasov, head of the center for business process management at DIS, the company's IT management organization. Kazakhstan's biggest telecommunications provider has tried out many BPM tools, starting with Casewise and including everything from ARIS to Oracle BPM. In spite of this, only IT uses BPM tools, not the company's business users. It should be the other way around. It was precisely this wish – for the installed BPM tool to be used as well – that was behind the current BPM project mounted by the IT management organization of Kazakhtelecom. For this purpose, managers decided to implement Metasonic® Suite, a product that proved to be "lean" and very efficient to use.