Engage:How to involve your employees more effectively with Metasonic

With Metasonic, your employees are active participants themselves in the design of their business processes and they are not simply affected by them. Without any special IT knowledge, they can easily describe the sequence of their process steps from the I-perspective. They determine with whom they communicate, how they respond to different communications, and how they work out their results. Naturally, they have access to required data, systems, business rules, and KPIs at any time.

Thus, a piece of software is specifically created for each employee, which reflects his behavior and his interactions with other actors in the process. The models can be executed immediately, and the just defined approach can be experienced right away. Metasonic’s decoupled process modeling allows each employee to adapt his software as often the need arises for an even more effective and efficient work. This can even be done during operations and without interfering with the rest of the process or with the other employees.

Our modeling table Metasonic® Touch, furthermore, even makes it possible to get a physical grip on our business software. With the use of our tangible building blocks, anyone can easily become familiar with our simple methodology and create executable applications on an interactive Multitouch display. This makes software design child’s play for anyone.