Liberate:How Metasonic can free your IT department from the dilemma of high expectations and limited resources

With Metasonic, you deliver flexible, individualized solutions extremely quickly. At the same time, you reduce the need for resources by up to 40%. This is possible thanks to a capable infrastructure and a simple modeling method. Your business departments are thus able to create, revise, and experience their solutions on their own and execute them immediately. With Metasonic, you can give almost all of the responsibility for technical specifications and the revision of solutions to the business departments. Your IT resources are called upon merely for consultation and can be used more effectively elsewhere.

Our Metasonic® Suite is based on a formal theory and a distributed architecture (technical principles). Even the most frequent revisions won’t corrupt the code or the models, and the impact domains of the revisions always remain limited and manageable. So that everything proceeds within defined company guidelines despite the high degree of agility, Metasonic enables you to provide your business departments with an infrastructure which guarantees that rules, operating numbers, alarms and exception handling, data integration, corrections, and standard system tie-ins are always available to them.

The end-to-end integration of structured and unstructured process components allows a seamless linking of highly agile individual solutions and standard workflows in the context of, for example, an ERP system. In comparison to the work of composing the same functionality within a ponderous ERP system, Metasonic can save you more than half of your development costs.

With Metasonic you therefore enjoy all the advantages of standard software without limiting the freedom of your business departments. In addition you liberate your scarce IT resources to an even greater extent.