Metasonic® Suite 5.2 More comfort, less complexity

The new Metasonic® Suite 5.2 will make your processes more agile, user interfaces more flexible and handling more comfortable. At the same time, we are cutting back on the complexity and offering an integration option with the scanview® Enterprise Content Management System.


  • At any point in the process, you can respond to events and handle them in a controlled manner in a separate process path.
  • All it takes is a few clicks to configure flexible layouts, allowing you to create and modify screens and forms quickly.
  • You can integrate Metasonic® Suite with the functionality of an established Document Management system (DMS) / Enterprise Content Management system (ECM).
  • Dynamic process binding, adaptable user settings and front ends, as well as many other innovations increase your power and flexibility without a need for leaving the scope of maintenance-friendly standard functions.

Enable your processes to respond to specific events

The new Defined Event Handling feature lets you respond to predefined events at any point in the process. These events reach the acting participant in the process (the subject) as a message, for example an order cancelation. In just a few clicks you can define how and where in your ordering process you want to respond to a cancelation. To do this, you determine at which position in the process the defined alternative workflow (for example, handling a cancelation) will be triggered when the event occurs. From the point of view of the sender (the ordering party), the cancelation is a normal message. Only the recipient (the ordering system) recognizes the cancelation as a particular event and handles it accordingly.

Integrate the scanview® ECM system

Metasonic® Suite, acclaimed by Gartner as “cool”*, is now integrated in scanview®, a product from the Allgeier Group. This product allows you to create, manage, save and issue business documents. You can use it as a conventional archiving system or a modern document and enterprise content management (ECM) system. The integration enables you to manage documents in scanview® and to launch a process in Metasonic® Suite with a document. The scanview® document classes (form types) are thereby converted automatically into Metasonic® business objects which can then be edited within a process and displayed in the scanview® client.

* Gartner’s “Cool Vendors in Business Process Management, 2014” by Rob Dunie, Michele Cantara, Janelle B. Hill and Samantha Searle, April 25, 2014.

Other new features of Metasonic® Suite 5.2

Dynamic process binding

This enhancement lets you dynamically launch reusable processes (known as service- or sub-processes) from other processes at run time, dependent upon the role and user group structure. It allows different variations of processes that are dependent on the organizational structure to connect with one another in a flexible manner.

Modifiable user preferences

This new feature allows you to create various versions of the user interfaces that can be modified by any user to suit individual preferences. You can also modify parts of the front end individually. The coolest thing about this is that you implement front-end based process extensions based on S-BPM method – that is, you model it with Metasonic.

As for user-friendliness and scalability, you’ll find improvements like the following:

  • Revised graphics to display the position in a process, so you can better identify where in the process you are during the process execution
  • Keyboard shortcuts for standard operations and resizable pop-ups
  • Optimized data management during execution and better data validation
  • Reduced number of necessary mouse clicks
  • Message recipients selectable from multiple-choice display – address book included
  • Additional attributes for dynamic business rules (facts) now included, allowing access to KPIs, subject metadata and date functions
  • Simplified cluster configuration for large, distributed installations during peak load operation (load balancing)

Design flexible forms

The layout editor allows you to design reusable screens and forms with flexibility and ease. When you add new elements or make other changes, the elements in a screen and the way they are arranged adapt automatically. This enables you to create and modify forms quickly, achieving faster time to market.