Processvalidation: Have your processes verified by process participants

Correcting errors in your applications can be expensive. Metasonic® Suite supports you in detecting errors at an early stage and rectifying them economically.

After modeling, process models must still be linked to the appropriate IT systems and refined with more detailed functionality. This costs time and money. But what if the first operational use of the processes reveals that their content is flawed? If it becomes clear in using them that the business logic depicted (the process flow) does not exactly correspond to requirements after all?

Modifying the business logic at this point typically means that a great deal of detail work (the integration) has been for naught and must be redone. This creates significant costs and the rollout is delayed, which in turn leads to additional expenses and market losses.

This problem was the subject of early research in information technology. Correcting an error at a late stage in a project can be more than 30 times as expensive as fixing it in the design phase.

But with Metasonic® Proof, you can simulate the processes directly after modeling in the form of an interactive role play involving the people who will later take part in the processes. Your business users naturally know their tasks and can immediately identify problems in the business logic. They do not need IT skills to do this; a simulation takes them through the process. In this way, you can discover errors in the process as early as the design phase and avoid additional costs for each error they discover.

Natural language is generated automatically from S-BPM process models and a further step toward better communication between the business world and the IT world can be realized.