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Modern post-processing with the metasonic® Capture suite

Digital input management with Allgeier:

Digitize, analyze and classify documents

Although more and more information is now transmitted in digital form, managing analogue (paper-based) documents is still a very common aspect of corporate practice. Whether invoices arrive by post, contracts by fax, information by e mail and other information by other analogue or digital channels, companies need to master the flood of incoming data and see that is quickly and accurately disseminated within the company. The constantly rising tide of information is not the only challenge, however: Another is the many and varied media and formats that are used. To design processes that are far more efficient and economical, input management solutions such as the metasonic® Capture Suite are needed.

How you benefit

digitization of paper documents

Structured classification
of information

Scalable solution

Fully automated analysis
and filtering of relevant data

Multi-tiered system architecture

Efficient and structured workflows

Software from Allgeier enables the fully automated processing and optimized convergence of paper documents and digital data. Irrespective of the original format, the metasonic® Capture Suite first digitizes all paper documents. Using optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR), all relevant information is read, analyzed, extracted and made ready for all downstream processes. Another benefit is that the Allgeier solution forwards all key information to the relevant company units and departments in structured form via an assortment of interfaces to the archiving, ERP and accounting systems. The metasonic® Capture Suite thus sends invoice data to the Accounting department, while purchase orders and customer information go to Sales. The system is also infinitely scalable, meaning that there are no limits on the volume of documents that can be managed.

The metasonic® team

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