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Modeling digital processes can be child's play

Digitally modeling processes at lightning speed, simulating reality to perfection and being able to change things at any time: That is what the metasonic® Process Suite is all about. The aim of this business process management (BPM) software is, quite simply, to capture all of a company's processes and workflows and bring them together in a digital model.

Focusing on the customer

Many BPM systems share the same ambition of making companies more efficient, more effective, more agile – of making them better, essentially. Yet they often force users to operate within their own structures, not all of which necessarily fit every company. The Process Suite adopts a different approach, placing the user at the center of everything.

Known as subject-oriented business process management (S-BPM), this approach gives every user the chance to advance from process to finished application in a few simple steps. It allows processes to be modeled sensibly, matching reality to perfection in just a single model (for both business and IT).

What makes things even easier for users is the fact that the graphical model corresponds to the programming code. This means that not only IT experts, but also a company's various departments can play a part in implementation. Process managers, IT chiefs, departmental employees, you name it: Everyone contributes to the success of the whole!

How you benefit

Fast, simple way to
digitally model processes

Can be aligned perfectly
to every business process

No need for


Attractive graphical
user interface

Interfaces to common
ERP/CRM systems

Building working applications with no programming

With interactive touchscreens, digital modeling really does become child's play. Almost like a game, teams can assemble their business processes and build working applications in no time at all – with no need for any programming.

The software adapts to your processes. And if something changes, you can change the software with just a few clicks! That way, the software is always fully aligned with your company's organizational culture. Thanks to an array of interfaces to CRM and ERP applications from Microsoft and SAP, it is also compatible with many of the most common programs on the market.

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This video tutorial explains how metasonic® Process Touch makes child's play out of quickly generating extremely flexible software applications for extremely agile business activities.

Fact sheet

Five symbols, one goal: process-based collaboration. With S BPM, it's easy. S-BPM stands for Subject-oriented Business Process Management. It is setting new standards in today's BPM environment.

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