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metasonic® Process Touch

The metasonic® Process Touch modeling table always defines the behavior of one or more employees. One or two communicating participants are shown in the trays on the left side of the modeling interface. In the middle of the table, their behavior can now be defined using the modeling building blocks.

The reverse of each metasonic® Process Touch building block features unique coding that is recognized automatically by a built-in camera. If two of these blocks (statuses) are pushed together, a link is established between them. The link is projected onto the surface of the table – as are the names of and the borders surrounding the statuses. If direction arrows are then added to these links between individual statuses (work steps), the targeted behavior emerges. This is then imported to the suite and can immediately be implemented as a web application.

The building blocks of modeling

An employee receives messages from other employees with a receive status. To select a message, you place the building block on the message you want in the trays. In a tray, these messages have an arrow pointing to the active employee and are indicated by a green line.

A function status is an action taken by the employee: an activity completed by a person, an IT system or a machine. Functions can be named by pressing the space bar in the input field.

An employee uses a send status to send messages to other employees. To select a message, you place the building block on the message you want in the trays. In a tray, these messages have an arrow pointing to the employee concerned and are indicated by a red line.

The scroll tool lets you toggle back and forth between active employees and employees in the trays at the side. Within the trays, you can also use it to page through the message list and switch to the communication view (which lists all employees involved in the workflow and their messages).

The selection tool lets you select statuses and function transitions in order to rename them. (In an order process, for example, the status can be renamed "Approve order".) In the communication view, you can also use this tool to switch directly to an employee's internal behavior.

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This video tutorial explains how metasonic® Process Touch makes child's play out of quickly generating extremely flexible software applications for extremely agile business activities.

Fact sheet

We developed metasonic® Process Touch so that everyone can design the IT support they need for their own workflows. Producing applications is now child's play!

metasonic® Process Suite

A BPM system such as the metasonic® Process Suite helps companies operate optimized, flexible and transparent business processes that involve every single employee.

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