Digital workflows you can touch and feel!

Digitally modeling business processes with metasonic® Process Touch

You can now take digitization into your own hands! metasonic® Process Touch is an interactive multi-touch display that gives teams a playful way to model their own business processes. For many companies, the digital modeling of their own processes still ranks as a major challenge that takes a lot of time and involves in-depth coordination between subject-specific departments and the IT unit.

The interactive table simplifies the digitization process for both users and the IT team. Users can place different building blocks on the table surface and set them in relation to each other. In the "invoice processing" process, for example, the contact person, inbound folder, outgoing folder and other process steps can all be combined in line with the company's specific requirements. Employees model their workflows themselves – as it is ultimately they who know best.

In real time (in the background), the metasonic® software translates the positioned building blocks into executable code – creating an app that can be used immediately and is seamlessly integrated in the surrounding metasonic® environment. Programmers can then further optimize the code, align it with other IT hardware or add interfaces to CRM and ERP solutions. The bill for development costs can be slashed by as much as 80 percent!

How you benefit

Fast, simple digitization
of business processes

Automated creation of apps
with no need for programming

Workflows modeled from the perspective
of each individual employee (S-BPM)

Workflows modeled "as is" on
the interactive multi-touch display

Savings of up to 80 percent compared
to the cost of conventional digital process modeling

Interfaces to Microsoft/SAP
and other systems

Interfaces to widely used business software

The metasonic® Suite also has interfaces to Microsoft and SAP applications to simplify integration in existing ERP and CRM workflows. It is also possible to have multiple touch tables communicate with each other. That way, different departments and/or larger teams can all work on their processes at the same time. And when processes or workflows change at your company, the team can get together again at any time and realign the process around the table.

For your staff, metasonic® Process Touch lowers the psychological barriers that often frighten them away from IT systems that seem too complicated. Digitization literally becomes child's play!

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This video tutorial explains how metasonic® Process Touch makes child's play out of quickly generating extremely flexible software applications for extremely agile business activities.

Fact sheet

We developed metasonic® Process Touch so that everyone can design the IT support they need for their own workflows. Producing applications is now child's play!

metasonic® Process suite

A BPM system such as the metasonic® Process suite helps companies operate optimized, flexible and transparent business processes that involve every single employee.

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