Metasonic® Research

Nils Meyer, CTO and Director Software Production, Research & Development

We at Metasonic live off our innovations. Researching new possibilities and the intelligent implementation of visionary requirements in the BPM market are at the center of it all. Our goal is a BPM suite where the increasing complexity of today’s challenges is met by straightforward concepts and smart solutions.

It is particularly important to us to keep the focus on the user in mind and place him center stage in all aspects.

For instance, the topic “interface human-machine” represents an intensive field of research for us. On one side we model the interaction between humans and machines, and on the other , we create these models in a simple way, so that they can be understood by each employee – all that while using highly complex machine controls. In this respect, we are also researching all other relevant topics, from Big Data Analytics, Ad-Hoc Deviations from Process Instances, Simulations of Process Models and much more.

For example, we develop innovations, often in cooperation with our scientific partners, such as Metasonic® Touch, with which, for the first time, business users themselves can model processes using tangible elements.


Here you can find an overview of current prototypes:

Model as you go  (Define and customize processes during execution)

Natural Language (Output processes using natural language)


Here you can find our EU research projects:

IANES (Interactive Acquisition, Negotiation and Enactment of Subject-Oriented Business Process Knowledge)

SO-PC-Pro (Subject-Orientation for People-Centred Production)