Scientific Partners

Our scientific partners include scientific institutes of the higher education establishments and universities, that based on our subject-oriented approach work closely together with us in the field of research and development. As a result we are able to develop tailor-made BPM and SOA solutions for our clients.
Deggendorf Institute of Technology

Having a clearly defined mission is the strength of recently founded Deggendorf Institute of Technology in the southeastern part of Germany. It ranks among the best for practical training in all courses in the latest ranking by the Center for University Development (CHE) With approximately 75 faculty members active in research and development, Deggendorf Institute of Technology offers innovative, research-based teaching as well as cutting-edge applied research conducted in close cooperation with partners in business and industry.

FH Joanneum

FH Joanneum is a leading European university of applied sciences and set its standards to compete with the best universities in Europe.
It offers students a scientifically sound and practice-oriented university education in a range of degree programmes with an interdisciplinary focus.

Institute of Innovative Process Management (I2PM)

I2PM was established to promote innovative scientific discoveries and solutions in the field of process management and to test them through academic work over the long term. The objective is to transfer know-how from theory to practice. Specifically, that means managing and fostering scientific work, organizing events to share knowledge and experience, publishing findings and results, supporting research and development projects, cooperating with other academic organizations, associations, institutions and enterprises.

Johannes Kepler University Linz

JKU is an Upper Austrian university with a blend of technical and socio-economical curricula and strong connections to regional and international industry partners. The Department of Business Information Systems - Communications Engineering does research on socio-technical instruments to support learning in higher education and in organizations. Foci of research are support for understanding and improving work-processes by the working actors themselves and on examining and supporting learning processes on an educational and organizational level.

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI)

Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI) is a dynamic and highly committed university of applied sciences. Since its foundation in 1994, THI offers a wide range of programs that prepare students to use scientific methods in their professional career. The international profile is best reflected in its mission and targets. They strive to meet the highest standards in all areas of research, teaching and management, taking into account the increasing globalization and the educational expectations of our students, business partners and society.