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Do you want to learn how to work more efficiently and effectively with the metasonic® Suite? Our extensive training program gives you a solid mastery of this powerful enterprise tool.

General principles

  • Learning in a small group: We deliberately set a low limit on the number of people who can attend our standard training courses. In this way, our trainers can take the time to address the individual questions posed by your people.
  • Learning by doing: We combine theory with practice. Everything you learn, you get to try out for yourself. Playful instincts are very welcome here!
  • Back at your desk? We won't leave you alone. Your people get reference work materials and all relevant up-to-date documentation. And we are also happy to answer questions about the topics taught even after your training course.

Target groups


  • Configuring the system
  • Working with the clients
    (office staff view)


Office staff

  • Working exclusively with the
    clients (office staff view)



  • Programming your own applications
    for integration in metasonic® Doc


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