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Close control of deadlines and content with a digital contract management solution

metasonic® Suite for the efficient management of contract data

Managing contracts is a complex task. You have contracts with suppliers, tenants, lenders, insurers, service providers… And there are so many documents that is difficult to stay on top of things. Worse still, the documents are often spread across the various departments where they need to be processed. The risks to companies are considerable: Missed deadlines, failure to comply with contractual obligations and a lack of complete or up-to-date documents can incur heavy costs, add to the burden of processing and – if the worst comes to the worst – trigger troublesome legal disputes. At companies with distributed structures, fast access to paper-based contracts from any and every location is simply not possible. Yet contract management in particular is subject to demanding organizational and, above all, legal requirements – especially when it comes to compliance. For sound economic reasons, companies these days are forced to streamline their internal processes. That goes for the way they manage contracts, too.

How you benefit

Transparent, structured contract
management with full legal compliance

Simple archiving and contract management,
including versioning and release

Connectivity and seamless
integration. e.g. with Dynamics™ NAV and SAP

Individual system of authorizations
(logged for detailed reconstruction)

Central storage of
documents and contract information

Simple management of deadlines,
contract periods and content

Structured contract management

Digital systems such as the metasonic® Suite from Allgeier help ensure that all contracts are handled properly and transparently. They also have the benefit of being integrated in your ERP system. These solutions provide users with all kinds of ways to simplify and streamline their daily work, as well as accommodating the specialized requirements of individual departments and areas. Another benefit for companies with multiple departments and/or locations is that the contracts are stored centrally and can thus be accessed from anywhere. A custom-configured authorization system ensures that only suitably authorized people have access to the files.

The metasonic® team

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