The digital file – fast, flexible and secure

The secure way to manage and archive data – with the metasonic® Suite

In today's increasingly digital world, traditional paper files are straining at their limits. It is practically impossible to store digital data such as photos, documents and media in this form. At the same time, paper-based systems can no longer satisfy growing demand for a flexible, team-oriented approach to work. Digital files – part of the metasonic® Suite from Allgeier – solve this problem in many different ways. Users can systematically collect and store content in all kinds of formats in these files. Powerful search engines allow any employees to find the content they need in seconds – provided they have suitable access authorizations, which can be managed via a central authorizations concept.

How you benefit

Collaborative work and
cutting-edge process control

Freely definable storage
and folder structures

Consistent authorization structures
and flexible adjustments to user interfaces

Clear document storage and
build-in document preview function

Template management and
extensive annotation options

Full compliance with Germany's
GoBD law and the EU's GDPR

Clear structures, collaborative work

Multiple staff can view and work on the same file at the same time – in the office or from external locations. That makes teamwork a real option. A flexible structure permits adaptation to fit any and every organization system in the company, much like file plans for traditional paper files. Clear structures thus support clearly defined business processes.

Digital files also eliminate another common problem: Some employees make their own copies of files and keep them in their own drawer to ensure faster access to them. However, these copies quickly become obsolete and can no longer be centrally managed. Now that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in force, this is becoming an increasingly serious issue, because companies are no longer able to guarantee that all user data (with no exceptions) is deleted. In a digital file, however, information that is removed is unquestionably destroyed in compliance with the law.

Flexible, fast and secure: Digital files beat paper on all three counts!

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