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The smart, secure way to manage e-mails

Modern e-mail-based business correspondence with the metasonic® Suite

E mail archiving, anti-spam protection, digital signatures and encryption are just a few of the features every professional e mail management should have. Without e mails, neither internal nor external business communication would be conceivable in the modern age. And alongside the general exchange of information, e mails are increasingly also used to transmit sensitive and confidential data.

There is also the problem that not every incoming e mail is desirable. Spam messages and, in particular, phishing mails are making ever more frequent (if undesirable) appearances in in-trays. Resourceful fraudsters use the latter in attempt to intercept relevant passwords and account data – and they are barely distinguishable from authentic mails.
It is therefore vital for companies to take appropriate action. Only with the right IT solutions – such as the metasonic® Suite from Allgeier – can spam and phishing mails be kept at bay, while authentic mails can be managed and archived securely.

How you benefit

Proper archiving in full compliance with all legal requirements

User-specific or system-wide solutions

Full-text search capabilities – even in attachments

Permanent access to past e-mails

Archiving of Exchange elements

Can be enhanced by Julia MailOffice and highly secure e mail communication

Secure and flexible: Scalable business solutions

Two key factors when choosing an IT system are the technical requirements and the desired functional scope. The IT infrastructure must fit perfectly with your internal business processes and model them quickly – especially given the growing volume of data that arrives in e mail attachments. In light of the different conditions that prevail in today's companies, demand for flexible and agile IT infrastructures is greater than ever. That is why scalable business solutions such as the metasonic® Suite are ideal for the corporate community.

The metasonic® team

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