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Secure data exchange via cloud services

Large File Exchange from Allgeier:

Encrypted transfer of sensitive data

The ability to exchange data securely on the basis of smart solutions such as the metasonic® Suite from Allgeier is growing in importance for the corporate sector. More and more companies these days engage in international collaboration across multiple locations. They also have large networks of customers, partners and service providers. In the past, what was sometimes very sensitive information was simply passed on to colleagues or even external contacts via e mail or file hosting services. That is a risky game to play, however, because none of these media meet the requirements for reliable, secure data transmission. To be able to guarantee the protection and security of data – especially with a view to the new General Data Protection Regulation and the need to collaborate with business partners in an atmosphere of trust – companies can no longer afford to do without special-purpose IT solutions for communication with their customers and partners.

How you benefit

Secure data exchange solution
with full legal compliance

data volume

Cloud hosting in house or
at Allgeier data centers – you decide!

Flexible handling and
user-friendly application

LFE: Secure data transfer to the highest standards

The Large File Exchange (LFE) service from Allgeier is a user-friendly solution that is optimized to deliver secure, encrypted data exchange. The system is based on a cloud that can be installed at Allgeier or on the customer's premises, whichever best suits your needs. Employees upload data to the cloud and send an access link to the intended recipient. A password gives the user access to the information. The application can also be time-controlled, giving the user a defined window of time within which to access the data.

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