Encryption – The secure way to store and transmit sensitive company data

Encryption technologies from Allgeier for complete data protection

In light of clearly targeted cyber-attacks and espionage attempts on companies, public offices and authorities, technologies to provide comprehensive data security and encryption have risen to the very top of IT managers' to-do lists. And rightly so, given that information is such a vital corporate asset. Gone are the days when firewalls, anti-virus scanners and robust passwords were enough to guarantee comprehensive data protection. Nor should companies underestimate the danger that employees could – often inadvertently – adopt the wrong approach to handling sensitive information. By no means least, the new General Data Protection Regulation is forcing companies to realign their security standards. Secure communication and data storage is increasingly acquiring strategic importance as a result, with interest in reliable end-to-end encryption services growing fast.

How you benefit

Legally compliant solutions
for corporate communication

Secure solutions for
data filing, storage and access

Protected communication across
all channels (e mail, web, chat)

Cloud services:
always on, from any location

Choice of different encryption types

Allgeier's metasonic® Suite supports an array of encryption technologies to protect key information against unauthorized access. The possibilities are many and varied: One is to use what is known as transport encryption to protect communication channels. Another is to use a modern cloud store to safely guard sensitive information such as employee and accounting data. Straightforward synchronization, access from anywhere and the permanent availability of the stored data mean that cloud storage services already play an essential, integral part in company processes. Without the right password and access rights, however, neither internal staff nor external parties can access any encrypted data.

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