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The fast way to digitally model business processes

Automating and digitally modeling workflow management

For many companies, creating a digital model of their own business processes is the biggest challenge posed by digitization. Many workflows have grown informally over time – by phone, e mail or simply based on the spoken word. They have never been clearly spelled out. Now, when IT gets together with individual departments to model their processes in digital form, that can give rise to protracted and laborious projects for all concerned – projects shaped by lengthy lists of specifications and repeated feedback loops. Sometimes, programmers and subject-areas specialists simply misunderstand each other. At other times, requirements change while the project is still in progress. The result? No one is really happy with the outcome.

That is where metasonic® Process Touch comes into play, making the digital modeling of business processes simpler and more efficient. It was specially designed to model workflows very precisely and in digital form. By using leading-edge technology in the form of interactive modeling tables, however, it effectively cuts out frictional losses.

How you benefit

Simple, efficient modeling and
automation of business processes

Interfaces to the ERP, document
management and accounting system

Savings of up to 80 percent compared
to conventional digital process modeling

Complete transparency about the workflow
status and an attractive, intuitive user interface

The playful way to model workflows

Gathered around the interactive modeling table featuring a multi-touch display, the whole team can piece together the individual building blocks in a business process simply by freely moving their hands. Take the "invoice processing" process, for example: Here, the person to contact, the inbound and outgoing folders and other process steps can all be assembled based on specific individual requirements.

Best of all, as soon as the team has modeled the process on the touch table, it is already up and running in the digital world! The software immediately generates executable code that can be further optimized and refined by human programmers. That saves huge amounts of time and money – as much as 80 percent! If the process needs to be adapted later on, the team can get together around the table again at any time and add the modifications on the table. That makes your business software as agile as your team.

The metasonic® Suite, featuring metasonic® Process Touch, also has interfaces to Microsoft and SAP applications to simplify integration in existing ERP and CRM workflows. No-gaps, highly dynamic and automated workflow management is available only from Allgeier. And it makes child's play of creating applications.

The metasonic® team

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