Rigid. Inflexible. Tedious. Do these words come to mind when you think about BPM? It doesn't have to be this way! Our Managing Director, Herbert Kindermann explains how you can become more dynamic and how you can reduce complexity.

This video explains how you can easily create ultra flexible software applications for ultra agile business activities with a tool that still feels like fun: Metasonic® Touch, the interactive process modeling table.

What is S-BPM in detail and what are the origins? On which principles is it based on?

Model-as-you-go allows the process participant to dynamically expand the control flow of an S-BPM process model step by step during execution. The users involved in the process are registered in the Metasonic® Flow execution environment and save their tasks step by step.

Why is it so important to improve and optimize your workflows? How can you guarantee that the expert knowledge of your employees find its way into your process models? And how do you avoid that continuous improvements become a burden to your organization?

How do your business processes really run and who can give you this information?

June 2011: Strategic partner of Metasonic, PPC, in Interview with Mr. Okada, at this time President of NEC Informatec Systems, Tokyo.