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The metasonic® Suite from Allgeier powers successful digital transformations

For many companies, digitization is the topic that will undoubtedly dominate the years ahead. Ultimately, they want modern technologies and big data to help them further improve the way they meet customers' needs. The digital transformation will increase connectivity between companies' business and technology units. That in turn will have profound repercussions for the organization, for IT and for employees. Collaboration is becoming more complex, and so too are products and services. Completely new business models are emerging as a result. To master the digital transformation and gain a competitive advantage, firms need to carefully craft change – which itself requires them to develop fundamental strategies.

How you benefit:

Powerful, seamless
IT platform

Standardized, harmonized application landscape
in line with corporate strategy

Involvement of key staff
in the process

Fewer IT applications and a
less complex IT landscape

Enterprise-wide process

Every step modeled
in a roadmap

Digital strategy for modern business processes

On the basis of a digital strategy, software specialists of the caliber of Allgeier develop powerful, seamless IT platforms. The metasonic® Suite is one of them. The process always begins by analyzing the existing IT landscape and defining the requirements placed on internal business processes. Working closely together with the customer, the aim is to integrate flexible, service-oriented IT solutions that are easy to use, take account of individual companies' circumstances and also incorporate manual procedures and third-party systems. In the future, there will be no alternative to the cloud, as it makes internal processes so much more flexible and agile. In the target scenario, companies find themselves working with standardized, harmonized IT applications that align with company strategy and, in so doing, make processes simpler and vastly more efficient.

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metasonic® Doc Suite

This powerful, modular DMS suite gives you a modern information platform, complete with digitization, archiving, data provisioning etc.

Fact sheet

The metasonic® Suite gives you a structured, modern information platform. It helps you digitize and archive your data and make it available to your organization.

metasonic® Process Suite

A BPM system such as the metasonic® Process Suite helps companies operate optimized, flexible and transparent business processes that involve every single employee.

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