Why S-BPM?

Picture Herbert Kindermann

“It's never been so easy and fast to create business applications and to connect them with each other. Using S-BPM our platform generates transparent and secure processes, which thrive on a dynamic communication flow. As a result, businesses benefit from considerable time and quality advantages and reduced cost - the optimal basis for growth and success.”
Herbert Kindermann, Managing Director

The key to global competitiveness and agility is speed.
S-BPM provides the optimal basis. A controlled flow, a component of many other BPM tools, is not required any more.

This method, which uses only 5 symbols, enables every business user to describe processes in just a few hours efficiently and in compliance with rules, execute them immediately as an application and change them on the fly.
The result: Dynamically efficient and secure business processes, motivated employees, harmonization between technical departments and IT as well as a faster ROI.

The End of the Shadow IT
S-BPM relies on a single modeling environment and one language for business as well as IT. Consequently, this results in a great understanding between all process participants. Thanks to S-BPM, individual ad-hoc and creative processes can be integrated in the central IT landscape by the employees themselves, even while the process is running, i.e. in real time. A high-risk shadow IT as a result of autonomous behavior can so be avoided. Our approach avoids useless interviews, diverse adjustments, and mistakes, which are usually not detected until implementation and initial operation. It motivates all participants to make contributions for process improvements on an ongoing basis, cuts down considerably on cost-intensive changes and helps companies obtain a very high level of agility. This is how we define the future of BPM.

Easing the burden of IT
S-BPM is the cause of a paradigm shift in the world of business processes. Processes do not have to be adapted to IT options any more. Instead, employees describe from a business point of view their needs to communicate when and with whom, and which services they require to do so. In short: The burden on IT is lightened and more responsibility is given to business departments. IT can now concentrate on the provision of a wireless IT Infrastructure. S-BPM impresses with its platform-independent integration in real time. This is how you can build on your previous investments.

A common issue, which has become increasingly critical for all businesses, independent of size, is the absence of governance in business processes. If all employees, as they perform their daily work, receive support through a personalized process portal which offers built-in-compliance in process models from the start, they will automatically act in conformance with the rules. The S-BPM approach puts this into practice.